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Performance Branding

Building brand trust & driving measurable results

Driven by performance, infused with creativity, guided by audience connections

Rio Media creates memorable and long lasting campaigns with our Performance Branding strategy. We have developed a formula that triggers immediate results and long term brand identity.

Media Buying

Media Buying

Our senior level national buyers have established relationships and extensive experience in the industry, allowing us to leverage our existing media expenditures and buying power to get our clients preferred pricing.

Strategic Advertising

Strategic Advertising

Our agency takes a holistic approach that is data-driven, audience empathetic and results-oriented to crafting your custom multi-channel media plan.


Creative / Design

We have a deep understanding of how to connect with audiences through storytelling and design. We work closely with our clients to understand their message, brand and target audience, and use that knowledge to develop creative concepts that will engage and illicit a response that converts.

Tools for Growth












Social Media


Celebrity Endorsement



Optimization through Analytics

Our team continually collects, measures, and analyzes data from our campaigns to gauge effectiveness and optimize performance. Using these insights we can make real-time informed decisions to improve campaigns and achieve a higher return on investment.


Performance Branding at Work

The Bone & Joint Center approached us with a unique marketing challenge. They wanted to grow their practice but their surgeon/owner was booked to capacity.


Our Solution: NANOKNEE

We developed NANO from the ground up to take focus away from individual surgeons and to highlight the group’s superior surgical results. We have helped Nanoknee become one of the fastest growing orthopedic practices in California. We developed a powerful website to support the Radio & TV campaigns. We built a brand so powerful that the “NanoKnee” keyword is the top trending knee replacement search term by 4 times the second closest keyword on Google. That is what we call brand dominance!

Rio Media was instrumental to the growth of our practice. Their out of the box thinking helped us grow in ways that we never could have with our old strategy.

Dr. Thomas Ferro

Nano Clinic


Performance Branding at Work

West Medical is the largest bariatric group in California. West Medical hired Rio Media to help revitalize their current marketing efforts and to help them adapt to the ever changing health insurance industry.


Our Solution: Performance Branding

We used our proprietary Performance Branding strategy results to dramatically improve their advertising return on investment and brand dominance. In the 1st 12 months Rio Media increased West Medical’s new patient PPO insurance appointments by 142% and lowered their cost per appointment by 29%.


Almost everyone in Southern California can sing the powerful West Medical Jingle!

Partnering with Rio Media was like putting a supercharger on our business. They are always looking for a way to get better and improve performance. Their dedication to our business and passion for our growth is truly “Incredible”!

Dr. Salimitari

West Medical


Performance Branding at Work

Founded in 1983, Reborn Cabinets had built a great business and amazing reputation. Despite their best internal attempts, their business had reached a plateau and they were looking for some fresh ideas.

Our Solution: Revamp & Enhance
Our team went to work. We analyzed their current media mix, optimized their schedules by maximizing their highest performing mediums and developed a new strategy that brought in new mediums and created a fun and memorable jingle to tie it all together. The result was a 32% increase in overall sales for the same annual budget. Reborn’s jingle has been the backbone of their campaign for 10 years!

Rio Media revolutionized the way we connect with our audience. Their strategic and aggressive media buying has extended our reach far and wide, but it's their creation of our jingle that has truly set our brand apart. This jingle isn’t just a melody; it's a powerful encapsulation of what Reborn Cabinets stands for. It resonates with our audience and has significantly bolstered our brand identity. We are immensely grateful for the extraordinary impact Rio Media has had on our success.

Vince Nardo

Reborn Cabinets

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Marketing Advertising Promotions 

Marketing Advertising Promotions 

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